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What Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Hanging Art

Publié dans Home Décor  |  décembre 01, 2018
Hanging artwork incorrectly is one of the most common design mistakes that people make. Once people find artworks that will inspire them, they will find it difficult to hang them. People usually have a general sense that artwork shouldn’t be hung too low or too high on the wall. They will find the space on the wall, mark off a spot for the nail, and hammer away. Still, hanging art is an aesthetic exercise, which follows basic principles that can’t be overlooked.

How to Infuse Your White Walls with Color

Publié dans Home Décor  |  novembre 25, 2017
When people move into a rental apartment or house, they can rarely ever paint the walls. If you are lucky, the walls will be white or have a neutral color. Otherwise, they could have a color, but not the color you like. So, if you want to change your interior without painting the walls, you’ll need to be creative. You can add the color you want without a paintbrush by playing with your surroundings.

What You Need to Create a Colorful Home

Publié dans Home Décor  |  novembre 28, 2015
Selecting your color palette will totally reinvent your space, turning it into a place you will find more comfortable. We all know that color could affect our mood. While some people prefer modern, minimal, and white room, others tend to experiment multiple colors with different hues before making their choice. Simply put, you should choose a set of colors depending on your feeling.

How to Match Your Art with Your Wall Color

Publié dans Home Décor  |  mars 07, 2015
You probably use colors in your home décor by knowing they can affect your mood. In fact, the way you perceive colors translates into the world around you. Similar colors are thought to construct an emotional response since they display a tonal range (ex. cool greens or warm reds), while opposite colors inspire an immediate reaction by their juxtaposition (ex. blue against orange).

Get Your Wall Ready for Framed Art

Publié dans Home Décor  |  novembre 29, 2014
You probably have several empty walls in your house, apartment or office, and you might be surprised how you can use them to reinvigorate your interior. Having tasteful framed art on your walls can easily transform your rooms into a space that defines you. Still, we often see some art lovers asking us about the better way to make a salon wall.