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In Conversation with Kudzanai-Violet Hwami

Posted in Art Market  |  January 15, 2022
Kudzanai-Violet Hwami is a young African painter on the rise, with her figurative works of black people which explore themes of identity, sexuality, and displacement. She is among a new wave of African artists whose works are currently trending on an art market looking for more inclusive stories. Her work engages in the deconstruction of stereotypes on the black body, using more spiritual or social symbols than political message. Her juxtaposed images create non-linear paintings that depict a way of existing in multiple temporalities.

Five of the Best Represented Young African Artists

Posted in Art Market  |  November 27, 2021
In the last few years, a fresh air has breathed from a group of young contemporary African artists whose work has rocketed to huge prices. Some of them have achieved instantaneous success soon after their first appearance in sales at the major auction houses. While others gained immediate recognition with few solo exhibitions or before they have passed other milestones on the way to a fully accomplished artistic career.

African Art: Spotlight on Auction Houses, Part 3

Posted in Art Market  |  October 16, 2021
Since the organization of the first sales dedicated to contemporary African art, major auction houses have consistently entered this segment of the market. At first, the auction houses struggled to raise awareness around African art, but some of them have persevered, giving the works time to find their way into the collection of international buyers. After several difficult years, there is now a growing demand of African art and their sales have increased in recent years.

Importance of Deaccessioning Art During a Crisis

Posted in Art Market  |  September 18, 2021
In the pre-pandemic days, art museums interested in deaccessioning artworks from their collections used to follow strict guidelines. Sometimes they invoked the process when founding a piece to be damaged or a duplicate or no longer fitting their mission. With the pandemic hitting the art world, numerous museums had to postpone or cancel exhibitions, and close their doors. A variety of institutions without an adapted online presence came under financial pressure, leading them to either sell or considering selling valuable works to keep themselves afloat.

Insight on the Restitution of African Artworks in Europe

Posted in Art Market  |  August 28, 2021
There are ongoing debates around the restitution of stolen objects and artifacts from Western museums to their African countries of origin. Most of these African art items were collected over the last two centuries, during the colonial era. Up until recently, the lack of legal framework and the rigidity of some European countries have prevented their museums from repatriating these disputed collections. More people started to express their opinions on such issues with the eruption of the Black Lives Matter movement, prompting European institutions to find a response for demands of objects restitution.