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In Conversation with Amy Sherald

Posted in Art Market  |  July 20, 2019
Amy Sherald explores the ways people construct and perform their identities in response to political, social, and cultural expectations. Her portrait paintings offer a critical view of African-American cultural history and the representation of their body. Known for using a grayscale palette to paint skin tones, Sherald challenges the accepted notions of race and representation. Her subjects are painted against highly-saturated pastel backgrounds that evoke a sense of timeless identity.

Performance of Robin Rhode

Posted in Art Market  |  June 22, 2019
Robin Rhode is a South African multidisciplinary artist renowned for creating artwork that is informed and formed by urbanism, the city, the streets and its inhabitants. Reminiscent of street art practices, the artist usually works in public spaces, using walls and grounds as his canvas. He transforms simple shapes into elements of playful narratives, interacting with the viewer or imagined presences. His drawings of common objects or abstract shapes are employed as physical elements in a story, often alluding to the act of creation itself.

African Art: Spotlight on Auction Houses, Part 2

Posted in Art Market  |  May 25, 2019
Over the past twenty years, the market for African art has given rise to many more artists, galleries, curators, and auctioneers. While African art is on par with art worldwide to a certain degree, it still cannot fetch the prices attained by international works of art. African art is unrealistically cheap but the emergence of new auction houses on the continent is helping to change that perception. These auction houses aim to create new energy and trust in the African art market, and get a better representation of the African artists within the international art market.

In Conversation with Bisi Silva

Posted in Art Market  |  February 16, 2019
In today’s art world which is mainly driven by market trends and artists’ value, curators remain responsible of highlighting the non-commercial side of contemporary art. They choose which artworks are displayed and imagine how the viewers will experience the exhibition. While their capacity of influencing the market has resulted in the emergence of prominent curators, some of them are driven by foregrounding the contributions of underrepresented artists in art environment. They are giving voice to local and emerging artists seeking recognition on the global stage.

African Art: Spotlight on Auction Houses, Part 1

Posted in Art Market  |  October 27, 2018
There are auction houses all over the world, but only a handful is controlling most of the contemporary art market. The major auctioneers are leading the sale of fine art works and luxury goods. With long-established reputations and many high-profile sales, these houses are progressively making place for contemporary African art in their catalogues. Some already have dedicated departments of African art, while others are offering thematic sales featuring African artists.