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African Photography: Studio Portraiture, Part 10

Publié dans Photography  |  juillet 27, 2019
Today, a new generation of visual artists is using multiple platforms to push their ideas. Often working at the confluence of fashion, portraiture, and documentary photography, they are using their skills as a means of self-exploration and communication. They capture the aesthetics of diversity in relation to prevailing conventional ideas of beauty and power. The images are reflective of the photographer’s own desire to better know and understand a condition that exists in the periphery of our world.

African Photography: Social Documentary, Part 6

Publié dans Photography  |  juin 29, 2019
Social documentary photography uses narrative to explore significances beyond what is strictly visible. Sometimes the narrative is conveyed through the choreography of elements within a single image or the juxtaposition of several images within a set of pictures. Photographers are storytellers of events and moments from the everyday life. They built long-term relationships with people and communities whom they photograph. Their photos represent a social engagement and political statement necessary to reflect on the transformation of their society.

In Conversation with Zanele Muholi

Publié dans Photography  |  avril 27, 2019
Zanele Muholi produces politically impactful work that seeks to preserve and document the history of LGBT individuals and communities through photography. Influenced by the violence and atrocities against black lesbians in post-Apartheid South Africa, she considers herself a visual activist more than an artist. Her work is mostly about bringing visibility of queers in the black community through captivating and documented stories. She deals with the different ideas behind her images, using photography as an instrument of healing and self-valuation.

African Photography: Documentary, Part 8

Publié dans Photography  |  avril 20, 2019
Today, more engaged and creative African photographers are pushing the envelope to reveal how their continent’s society has and continues to transform. Some have spent their careers as photojournalists; others started to explore themes of urban identity, gender politics, religious movements, and societal turmoil among many others. Through their hard work, they are paving the way for other photographers and raising awareness on specific issues faced by the inhabitants.

African Photography: Social Documentary, Part 5

Publié dans Photography  |  mars 23, 2019
People typically criticize documentary photographers for being exploitative, but most of them have a particular approach to their work. Some emerging South African photographers work from within a community, capturing their unguarded and intimate moments. In doing so, they allow us to be both spectators and participants in their world. Many of these young photographers drifted into photography through the Market Photo Workshop – founded by David Goldblatt, which has played a pivotal role in the training of various South African photographers.