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African Photography: Photojournalism, Part 8

Publié dans Photography  |  novembre 16, 2019
Since digital cameras have become more accessible, various African countries have seen a surge in the number of local photographers in the field. In a time where African photographers are rejecting decades of stereotypes, they are reshaping the photojournalism world by reclaiming the representation of their continent through their own stories. They have kept pace with the digital revolution, embracing the power of social media while facing challenges specific to Africans.

In Conversation with Lorna Simpson

Publié dans Photography  |  octobre 26, 2019
Lorna Simpson talks to Frieze about her life and work in her Brooklyn studio. Simpson came to prominence in the 1980s through her pioneering approach to conceptual photography, which featured striking juxtapositions of text and staged images and raised questions about the nature of representation, identity, gender, race and history. These concerns are reflected in the artist’s expanding and increasingly multi-disciplinary practice today.

African Photography: Photojournalism, Part 7

Publié dans Photography  |  octobre 12, 2019
South African photographers today live in a previously divided country that still is under construction in the aftermath of the apartheid. They are documenting different aspects of living in communities, villages, and cities on a continent that have gone through many changes and still struggle with complex sociopolitical issues. These photographers explore aspects of justice, violence, social issues, and the struggle or motivation to survive in a place with a broken history that is changing today.

African Photography: Documentary, Part 9

Publié dans Photography  |  août 24, 2019
Today, African photographers are more interested in depicting contemporary Africans in ordinary situations. They create their unique visual language to build imagery on the complexity of daily life, using various forms of photographic practice including video, filmmaking, and multimedia installations. They are exploring the dizzying topics of urban transformation, massive migration, and social adaptation that form the realities of diverse groups across Africa.

African Photography: Studio Portraiture, Part 10

Publié dans Photography  |  juillet 27, 2019
Today, a new generation of visual artists is using multiple platforms to push their ideas. Often working at the confluence of fashion, portraiture, and documentary photography, they are using their skills as a means of self-exploration and communication. They capture the aesthetics of diversity in relation to prevailing conventional ideas of beauty and power. The images are reflective of the photographer’s own desire to better know and understand a condition that exists in the periphery of our world.