Ken'Art is a leading company in the interior space decorating industry providing interior designers, individuals and companies with distinctive and premium quality products for an inspiring decor. Ken'Art intends to offer within the next decade the world’s largest selection of african-based wall décor products including posters, art prints, tapestries, photography, wall signs, limited editions, hand-painted originals, and exclusive products, as well as a variety of high-quality finishing services including custom framing, wood mounting.

In Africa, there are very talented, creative and passionate artists whose awesome paintings or sculptures are unknown to the rest of the world. With very little means, these artists can achieve astonishing artworks that we believe are worth presenting to the world. In order to bring the best of African colours to your space, we make sure that only talented artists are selected. Once the selection of artists is made, we move on to the selection of the best of these artists artworks to show to the world on Most of the African artists that appear on our website live in Africa. There a very few of them who can pretend to earn their living by painting. Locally and abroad, talented African artists are still unknown.

Ken'Art not only ensures the promotion of African art but also allows African artists to be paid each time a product made from their artwork is sold. We are not only committed to offer high-quality art pieces at affordable prices, but we also provide a great customer experience. We market our product all over the world. We are based in Montreal, Canada. If you like what we’re doing here, feel free to tell your friends and even their friends. If you want to tell us what you love, we'll be happy to hear from you here and there. Whether you’re a home or business decorator or an art lover, Ken’Art offers all the best African artists can realize.


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