What Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Hanging Art

What Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Hanging Art

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Hanging artwork incorrectly is one of the most common design mistakes that people make. Once people find artworks that will inspire them, they will find it difficult to hang them. People usually have a general sense that artwork shouldn’t be hung too low or too high on the wall. They will find the space on the wall, mark off a spot for the nail, and hammer away. Still, hanging art is an aesthetic exercise, which follows basic principles that can’t be overlooked.

While artwork sets the tone for your decor and reflects your personality in the home, it could make your space off balance when it’s not hanged properly. There is no single right way to hang an artwork, but there are plenty of wrong ways. So, we will see what mistakes you need to avoid in order to help you developing a sense of what’s right for your own personal style.

1. Hanging artwork at the wrong height

When hanging art, the only thing that matters is your height, and the height of most people who will be looking at the piece. People often think about the height of their ceiling or the size of their painting before deciding how to hang their artwork. We think it is best to hang artwork at eye level, in the same way as in galleries and museums. Some interior designers would recommend hanging your artwork at 57 inches on center, meaning that the middle of the artwork is always at that height mark. If you have a space without furniture, it is preferable to hang your art so that the centers hit at your eye level. Otherwise you can place the bottom of your art piece at roughly 5 inches from the top of your furniture.

Mountain Home with Furniture and Artwork by Hako Hankson

2. Placing small artwork with large furniture

If you choose to pair small art pieces with large furniture, it will make your space looks smaller than it actually is. The wrong proportion of your art will also become a distraction and make your entire space feel like it is out of balance. You should always consider the scale of your space when hanging art. Unfortunately, there is no magic rule that will help you in choosing the right size of your art piece. You could experiment with proportions by hanging up a large piece of paper, and choose the size you like. If you don’t find the correct proportion, you can consider reframing or resizing the mat of your art to make it larger. You can also surround your artwork with other art pieces, or painting a large shape behind your artwork. If nothing works, you can always consider moving your artwork to another room.

3. Having inconsistent space between your artworks

If you have a gallery wall or group of pictures that look too far apart, then you should reconsider their position. It is important to have art pieces that are equally and tightly spaced, so they look together and not disconnected. You should validate that no more than 3 inches separate the frames of each artwork. If you treat them as one giant picture, you could use the 57 inches rule outlined above to position them at the eye level. To make your task easier, you can trace the frames on a paper and use painting tape to create a layout on the wall. Start with the center artwork(s) to position your gallery wall, or choose a focal artwork that will be placed at the correct height.

Mountain Home with Furniture and Artwork by Justine Gaga

4. Hanging artwork not securely

Whether your artwork is heavy or not, you should always check if it is securely hanged. You don’t want to see your artwork sliding after a violent wind or falling on somebody. Hanging artwork on the wall is a relatively straight forward process. It can however, become quite complicated when taking into consideration the security and the safety. Start by checking the hook, to validate it has the right strength depending on the weight of the art. Some artworks will have not one, but two hooks on the back. You can add more hooks if you think that’s not enough, and choose a solid wire to hang your art. If you see that your artwork is constantly tilting or doesn’t look flush with the wall, then you should adjust the length of your wire or fix your hooks.


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