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Four of the Most Inspiring African-American Textile Artists

Publié dans Design  |  juin 19, 2021
Textile art is an old form of craft which spreads beyond the borders of art into fashion, science, and technology. Since the women’s liberation movement, it underwent its own revolution with artists questioning what can be considered a textile and how a textile can be considered art. Contemporary textile art is more often a conceptual tool, influenced by postmodernist ideals and the experimental spirit of the artists who confront social and political issues.

In Conversation with Walé Oyéjidé

Publié dans Design  |  mai 15, 2021
Walé Oyéjidé uses fashion design as a tool to dispel biases and stereotypes about marginalized populations such as African migrants. With his label Ikiré Jones, he combines West African aesthetics with European tailoring to create collections that tell a story. He values the impact of his clothes on people who wear them and feel the freedom to express themselves authentically.

Four of the Most Innovative African Women Architects

Publié dans Design  |  mars 13, 2021
In recent years, women architects have gained more influence in their field, developing innovative approaches to practice and design. They are using local materials and techniques to design and deliver buildings for longevity. Some are facing challenges since non-designers often build their own homes, shops, schools, and other structures. So, they need to show that their innovative approaches will improve people’s lifestyle, helping urban areas develop cohesively and sustainably.

In Conversation with Christian Benimana

Publié dans Design  |  février 20, 2021
Worried about the rise of unsustainable buildings in Africa, Christian Benimana wants to inspire the next generation of African architects and designers in implementing a unique model of sustainable and equitable development. He believes that architecture must not only focus on the design of the building but also on understanding of how it impacts the lives of dwellers. He considers that Africa will face a critical need for high-quality infrastructure as it experiences increasing urbanization in the near future.

Four of the Most Imaginative Architects in Africa

Publié dans Design  |  janvier 16, 2021
With the rapid urbanization in major African cities, there is an increasing need of creative architects to shape new buildings on the continent. In some countries, the government is not actively solving the issues emerging from a lack of urban planning. So, architects need to step in and be proactive in order to develop new area and rehabilitate the lost ones.