How to Infuse Your White Walls with Color

How to Infuse Your White Walls with Color

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When people move into a rental apartment or house, they can rarely ever paint the walls. If you are lucky, the walls will be white or have a neutral color. Otherwise, they could have a color, but not the color you like. So, if you want to change your interior without painting the walls, you’ll need to be creative. You can add the color you want without a paintbrush by playing with your surroundings.

While white walls provide a simple look and Scandinavian-inspired style, they don’t satisfy everyone. Indeed, they can end up looking a little bit boring if you don’t contrast them. To do this, people can use some colorful objects or patterns elsewhere in the room. Your walls will provide a neutral backdrop to other elements, allowing you to experiment with different hues in your space.

Consequently, you can have a colorful interior, even if wall paint is forbidden. With a bit of creativity, you can overcome the various obstacles and constraints placed in your home. We have identified quite a few ways to do this, allowing for a lot of flexibility in your décor. We have tried them and thought they could easily be translated to any home needing more colors.

1. Drape your interior with color

You can use colorful and patterned textiles to create a balanced interior. When layered together in small bursts, patterns can add a sense of texture and depth to any room. First, you can select a bright rug as a great statement piece for your room. Then, you can combine with a set of curtains that match your rug. Finally, you can use a colorful checkered blanket and throw pillows to add different shades of color to your room. Using an assortment of textile patterns in creative and interesting ways will make your space bold and beautiful. You can concentrate your patterned textiles to create a focal point and make the color stands out. By grouping and playing around with color in specific spots, your space becomes more visually powerful and appealing.

2. Get colorful furniture and accessories

You can hardly live in a space without furniture and accessories. Your choice of furniture will be critical to define your space through color. Indeed, furniture pieces can hold the most tint and carry the most pattern, making them among the best options to color you interior. You can buy large upholstered furniture pieces in bold colors to contrast with your white walls. Incorporating large-scale colorful furniture pieces will provide a huge visual impact to your space. You can also use lot of small accessories that share a common color palette. If you scatter these accessories throughout your home, that will create a cohesive and connected space. In doing so, you'll still feel surrounded by color because the same vibrant hues echo one another throughout your home.

Modern Interior with Furniture and Artwork by Louis Epee

3. Install natural plants and flowers

Having some plants and flowers inside your home is another way of adding a flourish of natural colour to contrast with your walls. Indeed, green houseplants stand very well along white walls – especially in a clean and minimalistic space. You will have multiple choices when you’ll decide to bring houseplants and flowers in your home. Small plants look better on a shelf, while tall plants are directly placed on the floor. Beautiful bloomers such as orchids, hibiscus, and lavender put in specific vase are all perfect for adding a colorful and organic element to your home. Houseplants are also recognized for improving the air quality in your home as well as helping you relax. So, you can enjoy great colours, gorgeous scents, and even air-purification for longer by surrounding yourself with plants.

4. Hang a selection of colorful artworks

You can enhance your white walls by selecting artworks that express your style. Artwork is an essential layer which adds color, texture, and style in your home. You can find and acquire artwork ready to hang in a variety of mediums including painting, photograph, print, or poster. Make sure that you select artworks with a lot of colour or a colorful frame to contrast with your wall. You can choose an oversized artwork that will dominate an empty wall or create a gallery wall with smaller art pieces. If you don’t have any artwork, you can select and buy art pieces from talented artists at different places. Exploring your hometown will lead you into galleries where you’ll find contemporary art. You can also shop affordable art pieces online where many emerging artists list their artworks for purchase.

5. Turn up the light

Lighting is often the last layer to come in that finishes off a space, giving a feeling of comfort and warmth. It can probably add color to your home with simplicity and creativity. You can choose a light fixture with a colorful texture or fabric to really amp up the style of your room. Indeed, fixtures such as chandeliers, pendants, and sconces are often available in a variety of finishes, metallic or painted. If you select oversized fixtures, they will definitely draw the eye upward and make your room seem loftier and fancier. Portable fixtures such as lamps and string lights can also add a contrast to your white walls. Finally, fluorescent lamps will provide a colorful light and have a visual impact in your interior. For example, you can use original neon lights to add plenty of colors to your cozy environment.

Modern Interior with Oversized Fixture


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