Get Your Wall Ready for Framed Art

Get Your Wall Ready for Framed Art

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You probably have several empty walls in your house, apartment or office, and you might be surprised how you can use them to reinvigorate your interior. Having tasteful framed art on your walls can easily transform your rooms into a space that defines you. Still, we often see some art lovers asking us about the better way to make a salon wall.

While hanging art seems to be an easy task, it could quickly become stressful. Indeed, you’ll have to figure out what size artwork fits best in which room, how well to arrange it with other pieces or furniture, and how high to hang without it ends up crashing to the floor. So, we went through the process of hanging framed art safely to create an elegant display.

1. Prepare your wall  

First, you’ll need to clean your wall by covering existing holes and smoothing the surface. A common mistake people make when hanging artwork is to hang it too high. In general, your artwork should be seen at eye level for anyone, depending on if the majority of persons will be sitting or standing. You should mark your wall to better identify where you will hang your art.

modern house salon wall

2. Find your anchor  

What story do you want your wall to tell? To create an elegant display, you can gather your artworks by colors. You can also choose similar themes, art styles or frame types. Then, identify the largest or the most eye-catching piece and use it as your anchor. Try to arrange on the floor your other pieces around the anchor. To keep a pleasing appearance, you should consider the size and shape of your wall.    

3. Create your templates

You’ll need to create image template of your framed art to help you try and visualize different arrangements. Using newspaper, paperboard or recycling paper, cut out each piece and identify them by their color, weight, or frame style. You should also mark on the template where the hanger of the framed art is. That way, you will hammer your nail through the template when you’re satisfied with your arrangement.     

modern house salon wall

4. Mark your pieces

Framed art usually ship with a pair of D-rings to install on the back of frames. Flip each piece face-down to position the rings and mark your templates accordingly. Use picture-hanging hooks, rather than heavy nails or screws. You’ll need to use two hooks per artwork whether or not you string a wire between the rings. This will help your framed art to remain level over time, compared to pieces hung from a single point. It will also provide added security.   

5. Hang your art

Use your templates to help you try different arrangements until you’re happy with one. You can take a picture of each arrangement you like, and reuse them whenever you think it’s time to freshen things up. If you’re doubtful, you should ask a friend or relative to organize templates on the wall before fixing hooks through them. So, you can take a step back to see how your work looks from other angles. When you’re satisfied with the installation, you’ll be ready to hang your framed art.    

modern decor salon wall

Have fun when hanging your art, and don’t worry if everything isn’t perfect. If you want to change the layout, remember the pictures you took during the last step to avoid restarting everything from step 2. We hope this process will help your salon wall look elegant. 


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Posted in Home Décor  |  November 29, 2014