What You Need to Create a Colorful Home

What You Need to Create a Colorful Home

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Selecting your color palette will totally reinvent your space, turning it into a place you will find more comfortable. We all know that color could affect our mood. While some people prefer modern, minimal, and white room, others tend to experiment multiple colors with different hues before making their choice. Simply put, you should choose a set of colors depending on your feeling.

Color has the ability to transform your surroundings as well as instilling feelings of joy, serenity, and tranquility. You will feel moved into a new apartment when you change the color of the rooms or hang colorful paintings on the walls. Some people often get enveloped by a feeling of satisfaction and security when they get home, and it is all because of color.

So, don’t be afraid to start rethinking your interior. If you have no idea where to start on choosing your color palette, follow your intuition and select colors that suit your personality. Otherwise, you can also try to apply the following rules that we use to decorate some spaces. It is a simple way to find inspiration and figure out a palette for the whole house.

1. Focus on one room

Select a color for your favorite room like your living room or bedroom. You can use an existing feature in your home such as wooden floor, brick wall, or metallic door to inspire the basis of your color scheme. You can also use a painting or any furniture to drive your color choice but most of the time it is the reverse. Inspiration can come from anywhere; look indoors as well as outdoors and you’ll find an idea. Use that to build a palette of colors for your entire home, using different colors combinations in each room. If you want to give the illusion of space, use the same color for your walls and ceilings. That will have a different result whether you live in a loft or in a small apartment.

2. Make it personal

Think about what you want your home to communicate to your guests. Try to nail the mood or atmosphere you want to create first. For instance, if you prefer a dynamic or aggressive room, you’ll want a color palette that acts as a focal point rather than a backdrop. In that case, consider one dominant color to apply throughout, usually to walls, floors, and ceiling. If you prefer an eclectic space, you could use a few neutrals to unify the décor and avoid breaking the harmony. It is often recommended to limit your palate to three colors: a unifying color, a complementary color, and a shiny color. That way you’ll prevent things from becoming too dippy and disconnected.

Modern red loft - Hallway

3. Consider the furniture

You can find and use color everywhere. Remember that you’re not limited only to your walls. You can introduce color through furniture, accessories, and greenery. Select furniture with similar color in order to give your space an impactful interest. Exposing a couple of plants or adding a colorful curtain can make your room stand out. You can also consider hanging some paintings in every room. In so doing you’ll create different tones that will quietly bring harmony in each room. Don’t neglect patterns and texture as they can provide necessary punctuation and add a different perspective to your space. They can also take your scheme to new heights by adding a unique touch.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

You should be curious by trying some combination of colors that do not seem natural at first glance. Be reckless and experiment different colors until you find something that satisfies you. Consider using color in unexpected places such as bedroom closets or kitchen cabinets. Remember that color behaves differently depending on the light, natural or not. That’s why people favor white over any other color, as it distort less when mixed with other elements. Finally, don’t always follow the latest designer trends. No need to get influenced by what is seen as cool or fashionable. Keep decorating your space with originality by using the color palette that suits you.

Modern red loft - Kitchen


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