In Conversation with Selly Raby Kane

In Conversation with Selly Raby Kane

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Selly Raby Kane is a renowned Senegalese fashion designer and artist involved in Africa’s booming art and design movement. Her collections are a fantastical confluence of contemporary art and fashion. She mixes symbols, signs, and styling techniques to develop astonishing garments that draw on disparate influences including surrealism and Afrofuturism. Using wax print, bazin, and denim, her creations go beyond the traditional dress styles from West Africa with a focus on individuality and sustainability.

While pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Law in Paris, Kane quits Law school to enroll in a Fashion school and work on her first line that would be launched in 2008. Upon returning to Dakar the following year, she founded her eponymous label and quickly became a central figure in the city’s creative industry. “I realized that other people in the city wanted to express their art in a new way, in a different way but one that was rooted in Dakar’s tradition and in Dakar’s energy,” says Kane.

Kane talks about fashion design in Dakar with an emphasis on the city’s burgeoning creativity, which is central to the work she is doing there. She joined the collectives Muus du Tux and Petites Pierres (small stones), which “tries to bring change into Dakar through social responsibility and helping young underground artists to rise and express their own voice,” says Kane. Her collections go beyond regular aesthetics and show a deep connection with the city’s street scene, which gathers artists committed to uplifting the dwellers through creative work.


Posted in Design  |  May 16, 2020