African Art Outlook for April

African Art Outlook for April

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As interest in contemporary African art continues to grow, we identified several events that are worth visiting in April. From Cape Town to Kyoto, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide of what to discover this month. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite events of April featuring African and Africa related art practices and projects.


Sonia Boyce: We move in her way is still on view at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, United Kingdom until April 16, 2017

We move in her way involves the exploratory vocal and movement performances of  Elaine Mitchener, Barbara Gamper and her dancers Eve Stainton, Ria Uttridge and Be van Vark, with an invited audience. A multi-media installation has been generated from the documentation of their open-ended live performance. The title of the work suggests two possible readings: that ‘she’ dictates our movements; or that we obstruct ‘hers’, with both interpretations suggesting power is at play. Boyce has a participatory art practice where she invites others to perform with improvisation. In this process, she encourages contributors to exercise their own responses to the situations she enables, where she steps back from any directorial position to observe the activities and dynamics of exchange as they unfold. Once the performance is played out and documented, Boyce reshapes the material generated, in what she calls “recouping the remains”, to create the artwork as a multi-media installation.

A Painting Today is still on view at the Stevenson in Cape Town, South Africa until April 22, 2017

A Painting Today is a unique exhibition that showcases the traditional media form of painting through a slideshow exhibition that recreates an Instagram feed. Each day, the gallery is presenting one of the 47 paintings done by various artists, in an attempt to recreate a real-time and sequential Instagram feed. The range of work intends to reflect various subjects in contemporary art by recreating the mishmash of social media. Although the gallery determines which artists will be invited to exhibit their work, they intend to keep their control over the process to a minimum. The order of the sequence will remain dependent on the interplay of external factors such as the schedules of painters, the date of acceptance of their invitation and various other painting logistics. There will be a closing exhibition on the last day where all works will be on display.


GRID Cape Town Biennial will open at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa from April 15 to June 25, 2017

GRID is an international photography biennial which reflects on the globalization of contemporary image culture and the importance of visual aspect in society. Over twenty projects by national and international artists will be presented around the theme “Transforming identities – Exploring the traces of the future”. Initially organized in the Netherlands in the past decade, an increasing need for dialogue and discussion can be seen. Since 2015, Cape Town is the first city outside Europe to organize the event. The city and its surroundings are an important hub and platform for creative industry especially connected with the contemporary image. The biennial creates a platform for photographers, curators, creatives, educational projects, and the public with the goal to stimulate an international dialogue about current developments in society and visual art.


Kyotographie will take place at several locations throughout Kyoto, Japan from April 15 to May 14, 2017

Organized annually in Kyoto, the Kyotographie International festival of photography is a cultural event which presents eclectic photography from around the world. It is held during the Golden Week, a period of holidays which represent the height of the spring tourist season in Japan. For its 5th edition, the festival chooses “Love” as its central theme, in order to celebrate love in and through photography. Through exhibitions spread across the city, the organizers want to share some views of love with the diversity, the commitment and the intimacy of photographers’ eyes. The exhibitions are accompanied by panel talks and workshops. The program also includes masterclasses with internationally renowned photographers such as Zanele Muholi who will host a class on self-representation. With more than 40,000 annual visitors, Kyotographie is one of the most popular festivals of photography in Asia.

The World Press Photo Festival will take place at Compagnietheater in Amsterdam, Netherlands from April 20-22, 2017

Each year, professional press photographers, photo agencies, newspapers and magazines from all over the world are invited to submit their top news-related pictures from the previous year. The best works are assembled into a travelling exhibition of over 200 images, the World Press Photo Exhibition, which start their world tour in Amsterdam every April. This creates an overview of how press photographers tackle their work around the globe and how the press relates news through images. The new World Press Photo Festival is a unique three-day event in Amsterdam showcasing the best of visual journalism. It presents the stories behind the stories, and lets the public meet the leading editors and visual storytellers from all over the globe. This year, more than 25 leading visual storytellers will participate in the World Press Photo Festival, presenting their works through exhibitions, interviews, and talks.


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