Five Ways to Support Emerging Artists from Home

Five Ways to Support Emerging Artists from Home

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With ongoing health restrictions around the world, people are spending more time online to connect with their family, friends, and colleagues. For art lovers, these uncertain times are an opportunity to discover art differently while museums and galleries are temporary closed. This is also the occasion to support emerging artists who are now in a more precarious position. So, we’ve explored different ways to help emerging artists while confined at home.

1. Buy art online

Today, people could discover new artworks everyday thanks to the growing presence of online art galleries and virtual exhibitions. Art curators working at online galleries build a variety of collections and content to appeal the majority of art lovers. Depending on your budget, you can purchase original paintings or various art prints. It is a good way to support artists since they will usually get royalties for each purchase.

2. Share with friends

People spending their time online to explore visual art usually tend to share their findings with family and friends. They want to share their interests, artistic preferences, and inspiration for their home decor. Once you have acquired an artist’s work, you can share a picture of the painting in your room. You could tag the artist to show your appreciation. This will help other people find more artworks or similar artworks by other artists.

3. Follow your favorite artists

Having many followers on Instagram would help some emerging artists getting the attention of curators and art galleries. More artists are turning to social media, sharing their artworks with fans and people interested in art. If you follow them online, you will have an intimate view of their studio, initial sketches or a preview of their artworks. You can also directly contact them to have a better idea of their artistic approach or work ethic.

4. Join a digital art community

Some digital art communities also help artists who need to show and promote their artworks. Such representation would have been difficult with traditional art dealers, which operate in relatively closed circle. You can join a digital art community to discuss with people who share the same interest with you.  If you have a curatorial project in mind, you should target the work of some artists and start the conversation with them.

5. Participate in art fundraising

Support emerging artists by participating in fundraising campaigns that focus on art. There are many arts organizations raising awareness about the health crisis and grant schemes helping artists in the wake of covid-19. People usually give to make a difference, helping art galleries, artist-run centres, and individual artists to keep their doors open and their programs serving the art community. Many artists have also set up online campaign to raise money.


Posted in Art Market  |  April 11, 2020