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janvier 2019

African Photography: Studio Portraiture, Part 9

Publié dans Photography  |  janvier 26, 2019
Today, when portrait photographers use the sets and props reminiscing of the classic studio, it’s more to pay a tribute to the pioneers. Influenced by the social changes affecting their environment, some photographers are choosing to blend portraiture with social documentary. They show interest in the story of social groups perceived as social outcast due to their religion, traditional beliefs, and working conditions. Their portraits represent people in precarious situation, sometimes attached to disappearing traditions and at times depicted as heroic.

In Conversation with Omar Victor Diop

Publié dans Photography  |  janvier 19, 2019
With a body of work that ranges from photography to fashion, Omar Victor Diop enjoys mixing his photography with other art forms such as styling, costume design, and creative writing. His work is interrogative and intriguing, prospective yet a tad vintage, and is influence by his international uplifting as well as his African visual heritage. His work blends African style with contemporary influences to make a strong statement about Senegal, further complicating the notion of an African aesthetic.

African Art Outlook for January

Publié dans Events  |  janvier 05, 2019
As interest in contemporary African art continues to grow, we identified several events that are worth visiting in January. From Paris to Milan, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide of what to discover this month. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite events of January featuring African and Africa related art practices and projects.