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avril 2015

African Photography: Street Photography, Part 1

Publié dans Photography  |  avril 25, 2015
With independence in the 1960s, several African photographers went out of the restriction imposed by colonization. A new generation of street photographers emerged, helped by new techniques and photographic formats. Even some studio portraitists went out and captured people celebrating, as if they felt the importance to preserve the memory.

African Photography: Photojournalism, Part 1

Publié dans Photography  |  avril 11, 2015
In the 1950s, when South Africa was struggling with the Apartheid, photography played a large role thanks to Drum magazine. This magazine was an important platform for a new generation of journalists and photographers who changed the representation of black people in South Africa. Photographers of Drum gave a visual substance to the lives that illustrated their stories. They took pictures in the segregated slums of several townships, with equal scrutiny and attention to their various subjects.

African Photography: Studio Portraiture, Part 1

Publié dans Photography  |  avril 04, 2015
In the 1930s, photography in Africa was still emerging after its introduction by European photographers a few decades ago. In contrast to European photographers who often represented African as an exotic figure, African photographers tried to capture the cultural characteristics of locals through their lens. Their black-and-white pictures, beyond the aesthetics, recorded a period when Africa was under important political, social, and cultural transformations. So we gathered a list of pioneers whose passion has allowed a wider diffusion of photography in Africa.