Mounted Prints

Mounted prints as a modern alternative to a classical framing 

Laminated with a protective UV filtering film, mounted prints are incredibly professional types of art which can perfectly fit into your décor. We offer both plaque mounted and flush mounted prints. Tough and thin, plaque prints are mounted on a 3/8” thick wood board with trimmed and beveled edges for an attractive finish. Light and clean, flush prints are laminated on a sturdy 1/4” wood-fiber backing placed flush with the beveled edges of the wood to create a clean, contemporary look.

Technical Specs

  • Extremely light and easy to hang
  • Frameless clean appearance
  • Without glass which can break or dazzle
  • Scratch resistant and easy to clean

Wood Finishes

An Acrylic seal is protective acrylic coating to front of a print, and is especially useful in protecting prints hung in environments that make them more vulnerable to being marked or damaged. The options for acrylic seals are matt, satin, or gloss and all seals are scuff resistant and help to reduce UV damage to the print itself.


We offer many shapes and sizes, and our canvas prints are ready to fit all of them. Yet, the final dimensions will depend on the image you choose. Below are the most common mounted print sizes to give you an idea:

  • Small - 15” x 20” / 38.1 x 50.8cm
  • Medium - 18.5” x 28” / 47 x 71.1cm
  • Large - 23” x 35” / 58.4 x 88.9cm

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