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Picture of Hako Hankson

Hako Hankson

About the artist

Hako Hankson, whose real name is Gaston Hako, was born in 1968 in Cameroon. Self-taught, he is bathed during his childhood in the traditional culture of the West Cameroon. Masks, statuettes, dances and other rituals always feed his creative work.

Hako Hankson regularly participates in numerous group exhibitions in Douala and Yaoundé, and he had the opportunity to show his work in 2004 at the Villa Karo, Fino Cultural Center - African, Grand-Popo, Benin, and in 2008 Gallery Koussam in Cannes, France.

Its main exhibitions were held in 1999 at the Galerie Continents in Douala, in 2004 with Fouilles Arkeologic at the doual'art gallery, in 2008 with Nuances délicates at the French Cultural Centre of Yaounde, in 2009 with Remenber Patrice at the French Cultural Centre of Douala, and in 2011 with Ombres et Esprits (Shadows and Spirits) at doual'art gallery.