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Picture of William Kayo

William Kayo

About the artist

Born in 1968 in Garoua, Cameroon, William Kayo performs a self-training on painting before joining IFA (Institute of Artistic Training in Mbalmayo). Very influenced by surrealism, his visit to the school leads him to a very personal creation, a balance between its Sahelian culture and contemporary research. His work is both full of passion and enthusiasm, moving its way to organize spaces with clean lines and rigorous construction.

Kayo likes to give maximum lightness to his work and for this he uses fiber webbing, sawdust, and paper that react to visual displacement as well as that of the lighting. The pattern becomes alive and reacts with some mobility. Then the material and color flood the space, overcoming the mobility of fleeting time. The artist make on his own way images of an Africa that is both traditional and deliberately turned towards elsewhere.

Sculptor, photographer and also graphic designer, his works are found in private and public collections from different countries including Cameroon, China, France, Japan, Norway, USA, Canada, and Italy.