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Five of the Best Represented African Artists

Posted in Art Market  |  November 15, 2014
While the development of African art market is not easy to take off, the same applies for improving the rankings of African artists in Western auction houses. From Paris to New York, the pioneers of specialised sales sometimes struggle to find their way. And when they do, their trial runs are not always conclusive despite very creditable results for some artists.

African Art: Spotlight on Art Fairs

Posted in Art Market  |  November 08, 2014
Art fairs are big opportunities for galleries and artists to reach a large audience composed of art lovers. With good fair attracting thousands of visitors, galleries can see more potential clients in few days than they do locally in a year. So, art fairs could become essential to emerging art markets which needs international exposure.

How we designed our logo

Posted in Design  |  October 04, 2014
When working with designers on the creation of your logo they will often follow a specific process. It is interesting and a good learning opportunity to work with them. Today, several start-ups bootstrap their logo design by sending a request on reddit, hiring a designer on dribbble, or buying a book on design.