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mai 2018

African Photography: Artistic Photography, Part 5

Publié dans Photography  |  mai 19, 2018
Over the past years, a new generation of African photographers have contributed to the contemporary art scene through conceptual art. Inspired by both historical and contemporary African issues, these young African talents are helping to shape the identity and values of their continent. Their works convey a political statement, a social commentary, or a psychological idea about people, relationships, and emotions. They turn abstract idea into an image, propelling the concept it represents into reality.

African Photography: Artistic Photography, Part 4

Publié dans Photography  |  mai 12, 2018
Today, the conceptual photography has expanded to include more photographers influenced by African art. Some are interested in recording their performances and installations, while others used it to convey a clear idea. For them photography is much more experimental, taking elements of documentation or staging but re-interpreting them in new ways. They capture the image in such a way that viewers might interpret the meaning more subjectively, according to their own expectations, experiences, and emotions.

African Art Outlook for May

Publié dans Events  |  mai 05, 2018
As interest in contemporary African art continues to grow, we identified several events that are worth visiting in May. From Dakar to New York, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide of what to discover this month. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite events of May featuring African and Africa related art practices and projects.