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November 2017

How to Infuse Your White Walls with Color

Posted in Home Décor  |  November 25, 2017
When people move into a rental apartment or house, they can rarely ever paint the walls. If you are lucky, the walls will be white or have a neutral color. Otherwise, they could have a color, but not the color you like. So, if you want to change your interior without painting the walls, you’ll need to be creative. You can add the color you want without a paintbrush by playing with your surroundings.

Five of the Most Creative African Furniture Designers

Posted in Design  |  November 18, 2017
In today’s world, design represents more than the creation of industrially manufactured products. It allows shaping technical processes, social interactions, and urban environments while blurring the lines with craft and fine art. This is even more true in Africa where the young generation of designers is perceiving their discipline as a tool for a new identity and hence a new future.

African Art Outlook for November

Posted in Events  |  November 04, 2017
As interest in contemporary African art continues to grow, we identified several events that are worth visiting in November. From Lagos to Istanbul, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide of what to discover this month. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite events of November featuring African and Africa related art practices and projects.