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octobre 2016

African Photography: Documentary, Part 6

Publié dans Photography  |  octobre 29, 2016
In the 1990s, many South African photographers have continued to play a key role in documenting the transition of their country from apartheid to democracy. With the country emerging from a long crisis, there was a need to capture the reality of people who witnessed or participated in the change. Building on this experience, some photographers also travelled to neighboring countries that were undergoing similar violence due to civil war.

African Photography: Social Documentary, Part 3

Publié dans Photography  |  octobre 22, 2016
In the 1990s, African photographers were given more attention thanks to the organization of the first continental photography biennial in Bamako. Some genuine photographers exhibited their work for the first time. So, the public discovered another facet of Africa, a facet in which the social reality of its inhabitants was remarkably exposed by skilled photographers. Collections were soon compiled by various art institutions and photographic agencies.

African Art Outlook for October

Publié dans Events  |  octobre 01, 2016
As interest in contemporary African art continues to grow, we identified several events that are worth visiting in October. From Cape Town to London, we’ve got you covered with a quick guide of what to discover this month. We think that you’ll love visiting some exhibitions while leaves are falling in many cities. So, we’ve rounded up our favorite events of October featuring African and Africa related art practices and projects.