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mars 2015

African Art: Spotlight on Biennials, Part 4

Publié dans Art MarketPhotography  |  mars 28, 2015
Photography holds a special place when it comes to dealing with visual art. So special that it requires the organization of its own biennials. Today, many contemporary artists working in Africa incorporate images that go beyond the limits set by photojournalism, and produce works that fall within the social and political concerns of the continent. These works are presented to the public through several exhibitions organized inside biennials and festivals dedicated to African photography.

African Art Auctions In/Outside Africa

Publié dans Art Market  |  mars 14, 2015
With a significant number of art collectors in Africa, it is becoming increasingly clear that the African art market has a great potential. Major art auctions took place recently in Nigeria and South Africa with an emphasis on contemporary art. Although the local market places are seeing plenty of masterpieces, they remain resolutely immune to speculation. So, we take a closer look at the major places of African art market and the performance of some African artists in international auctions.

How to Match Your Art with Your Wall Color

Publié dans Home Décor  |  mars 07, 2015
You probably use colors in your home décor by knowing they can affect your mood. In fact, the way you perceive colors translates into the world around you. Similar colors are thought to construct an emotional response since they display a tonal range (ex. cool greens or warm reds), while opposite colors inspire an immediate reaction by their juxtaposition (ex. blue against orange).