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janvier 2015

Five of the Most Famous African Art Collectors

Publié dans Art Market  |  janvier 31, 2015
A majority of art collectors are only interested by specific types of art. It could be art from a period, an artist, an art style, or even a region. What makes an art collector great is his/her ability to separate outstanding artworks from various existing pieces. They assemble these pieces in such a way to improve our understanding of a particular art style or movement.

African Art: Spotlight on Major Exhibitions, Part 2

Publié dans Art Market  |  janvier 24, 2015
In the 1990s, there were several exhibitions exploring the creativity of African artists during a period marked by the popularization of contemporary African art. Some of them pointed out the diversity of visions among African artists who have carved out singular creative spaces. While others raised critical issues about African representation compared to the West. You’ll find below the list of major African exhibitions that made an impact – whether positive, flawed or mixed during that decade.

Focus on Photography in Africa

Publié dans Photography  |  janvier 17, 2015
African photographers express their unique visual language differently compared to their Western counterparts. When Western photography engages Africa, it often depicts pathological images of poverty, disaster, and disease. In fact, it almost never represents Africans in ordinary situations. So, images of crisis frequently overshadow other representations.

Influence of Fashion in African Art, Part 2

Publié dans Design  |  janvier 10, 2015
Today, Africa is full of talented fashion designers, some of whom participate in international fashion events, while others work primarily in local markets. In Part 1, we saw how African artists often paint or use clothes in their artworks. Conversely, many fashion designers have been influenced by fine art as well. In contrast to the art world, mobility and flexibility in fashion design enables popular participation, even if it is subject to social or economic constraints.