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décembre 2014

African Art: Spotlight on Biennials, Part 1

Publié dans Art Market  |  décembre 20, 2014
Since the last decade, biennials and art festivals are burgeoning inside Africa to promote contemporary African art and encourage tourism. Indeed, biennials are essential for the production, promotion, and distribution of contemporary art. They not only mobilize artists, curators and gallerists but sponsors, politicians, and press attention.

Invest in Contemporary African Art

Publié dans Art MarketPhotography  |  décembre 13, 2014
Art is no longer exclusively reserved for wealthy initiates or well-advised investors. People with small or moderate budgets could also reach an important share of the market. Each year, hundreds of thousands artworks created by modern or contemporary artists are sold at auction for an affordable price. Because of this huge choice, people can acquire significant works of art without spending a fortune. Although the art market is huge today, the actual number of contemporary artists that sell for high prices at auction is pretty small. In fact, the art market is only unaffordable by reputation with spectacular sales making the headlines all over the world.

African Art: Spotlight on Major Exhibitions, Part 1

Publié dans Art Market  |  décembre 06, 2014
Influence of African art is a result of repeated presence of some artists at art fairs, biennials, auctions and international exhibitions. Still, it will take some time before African artists recognized internationally but largely unknown locally can catch up. That’s why we gathered a list of major exhibitions which familiarized the public with the key actors on the African scene. We’ve split the list in few parts. Each part is grouped by decade and contains only exhibitions which have made an international impact.