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novembre 2014

Get Your Wall Ready for Framed Art

Publié dans Home Décor  |  novembre 29, 2014
You probably have several empty walls in your house, apartment or office, and you might be surprised how you can use them to reinvigorate your interior. Having tasteful framed art on your walls can easily transform your rooms into a space that defines you. Still, we often see some art lovers asking us about the better way to make a salon wall.

Influence of Fashion in African Art, Part 1

Publié dans Design  |  novembre 22, 2014
Fashion is art. Art is fashion. There is an obvious overlap between art and fashion. Since many years, fashion tracked and echoed trends in art. And African art is no exception. Today, African artists express their creativity in many ways. Using fashion design to reinvent the popular cultural references, they invite us to imagine an Africa free of its opposition to Europe.

Five of the Best Represented African Artists

Publié dans Art Market  |  novembre 15, 2014
While the development of African art market is not easy to take off, the same applies for improving the rankings of African artists in Western auction houses. From Paris to New York, the pioneers of specialised sales sometimes struggle to find their way. And when they do, their trial runs are not always conclusive despite very creditable results for some artists.

African Art: Spotlight on Art Fairs

Publié dans Art Market  |  novembre 08, 2014
Art fairs are big opportunities for galleries and artists to reach a large audience composed of art lovers. With good fair attracting thousands of visitors, galleries can see more potential clients in few days than they do locally in a year. So, art fairs could become essential to emerging art markets which needs international exposure.