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Picture of Pascal Kenfack

Pascal Kenfack

About the artist

Pascal Kenfack is a painter and sculptor from Cameroon. He trained alternately in painting, sculpture and art history at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris and at the University of Paris VIII where he obtained his doctorate in fine arts in 1985. Researcher in art history, then eminent Professor at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon between 1987 and 2005, he taught more than 200 students in painting, sculpture and art history.

With his experience, he is often invited to lead several training methodology of artistic creation in various countries of Africa and France. He chairs the jury Sculpture of France in 1993, Madagascar in 1997 and Canada in 2001, for cultural competitions of the Francophonie Games. He participated in several exhibitions around the world (France, Cuba, South Korea, Denmark, Senegal, and Gabon) and is the author of more than 600 paintings and sculptures including several impressive and imposing ones which result of a major research effort on African traditions. Since 2006, he devoted himself to painting and sculpture.